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@Kidflexboy seals deal with Coded Media Entertainment Studios! 
Coded Media Entertainment Studios has finally agreed to seal a recording deal with a new artist. Noko also known as Kid Flex Boy is a South African recording artist from the Limpopo Province.
“The time has come” says Kid flex boy in a meeting at Coded Media Entertainment Studios head office in Polokwane. The artist has had several setbacks in regards to his music and never had a chance to share his talent with the rest of the world. When asked why he hasn’t released any projects he told Coded Media Entertainment Studios that he did not feel like he had reached the level that he wanted and thus could not publish his music.
Kid flex boy is a humble young South African recording artist inspired by the likes of Shane Eagles, J cole, Brenda Fassie, Michael Jackson and Kanye West but has his own different sound. His music is soulful and very inspirational. “They don’t make em like this, they all crazy. I’ve spent many days in studio sessions with many different artists and I've decided on a sound that resonates with my soul. I call it conscious love music” he says. Piano sounds are blended with hidden snares and pop baselines on a slow medium pop tempo, his voice infused with heavy reverbs and tuned with a distorted sound @kidflexboy will leave you fully motivated and inspired to fall in love and be more of yourself. Although he has never release any music before, he has a great network of people due to having several studio sessions with local upcoming artists mainly at Coded Media Entertainment Creatives recording buildings during 2017.
Kid flex boy says he is looking forward to working on new material and sharing with the people. The recording deal that has been agreed on this year 03 Jan 2018 has been discussed since June 2017 and the company had to postpone the agreement until 2018. The postponing of the deal did not even disturb me at all; somehow I knew it was coming, I felt it coming and now it is done. I am a happy kid” he laughed. 
Coded Media Entertainment Studios has agreed to seal a recording deal with artist Kid Flex Boy. It’s a wonderful time to see artists in South Africa, especially from Limpopo with passion crafting their talent and becoming a brand. 
Limpopo and the rest of the world can expect many projects such as music, music videos, gigs and loads of love from @kidflexboy. Kid flex boy is now a recording artist of Coded Media Entertainment Studios.
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Article by: cmestudios 10/Jan/2018
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