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This is an Artist Biography of BlackLight.
Mantsho Fortune also known as BlackLight is a young South African Music Artist who is working hard to put his musical art on the shelves and off the shelves. Blacklight was born and raised in Limpopo by both parents and has sibling who support him musically.
He began taking his music seriously when he relocated form his parents’ house to Venda, He spent most of his High school years trying to work on a Mixtape which he called “Super Saint II” . In the Mixtape there are good songs such as “My journey, Reclaiming my spot and through the cities”. On this project he worked with small record lebels like Back yard ice cream and SS family records who helped him complete the Mixtape. This was the tape that made Blacklight take the music he makes serious.
In 2017, during his first year in University, he worked with Hi lens which took him and made him part of the Hi lens Family. He then went on to work with artists like Jonny Bino, Cique, Horizon, Gorilla Ghost and many more around the region. MadiBa heights is song he did with Jonny Bino, This was the song which got Coded Media Entertainment Studios interested in working with him. Blacklight and Coded Media Entertainment Studios started working as a team from December 2017.  
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Blacklight - Gang II (Music Video)
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