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Coded Media Entertainment Studios has been providing industry standard music and entertainment since its establishment in 2015. Our mission is to produce and publish world class entertainment through music and visuals.

Coded Media Entertainment Studios has been built up from the ground with the help of its founders and has gained strength over time by overcoming challenges of the music publishing and entertainment world.

We have a vision that is clear and in perfect harmony with our business operations. Our vision is to create a company that develops skills and provides opportunities to all South Africans to produce international standard entertainment through music and visual contents such as videos.

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Address: 270 Marshall St, City and Suburban, Johannesburg, 2094


 Coded Media Entertainment Studios publishes launch of cmeTV.  A self hosted video broadcasting platform by cmestudios


One of the biggest themes in the heart of the city. There is no safer place to rage than Library Gardens Polokwane. History was made.


Quali SA and Coded Media Entertainment Studios hosted Freedom Day Rage. A Quali SA One Man Show which turned out top be a success.


Won the Old Mutual #OMGwap On The Money competition. First place Winner @Quali_SA with an outstanding performance a eNCA interview. 


Registered with the Southern African Music Rights Organisation and The Recording Industry Of South Africa including others.


Branded the company and made its identity public via graphic contents on social media.


May 07 2015, Mr. KGOPOTSO MALATJI  found Coded Media Entertainment Studios.

We Love To Entertain You.


Coded Media Entertainment Studios is a Record Label, Music Publishing and Entertainment Company Headquartered in South Africa. Email us at contact@cmestudios.co.za

CEO – @ThisIsKgopotso