Filah – Feels Like

The singer, Producer and model has released another breath taking single. Filah - Feels like is now available to download and listen below. After getting good fan reaction from her…

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Filah – Love

Many artists claim they know all about love, but it takes a special person to explain or define it. @Filah_lah_lah has been the best and original love story teller ever…

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streaming numbers

If Quali SA is not getting played on mobile phones and indoor sound systems he is out and about getting multi-figure streams on the giant music streaming services Soundcloud. See…

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Redbull Gave Quali Wings

Go to Instagram @Quali_SA comment with fire emoji and tag @tellamanofficial @redbullmusicza @tallracksrec Remember to use these hashtags when you comment on our post! #liftasyourise #redbullmusic Go to Instagram @Quali_SA…

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Freedom Day Ragers

Dispite everything happening at the University of Limpopo, ragers continue to show their full commitment to support the Freedom Day Rage event. Our supporting ragers had been working out on…

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Vodcast Fridays

Coded Media Entertainment Studios presents to you a show dedicated to the upcoming entertainment generation A show which aims to put upcoming artists on the same rank with established superstars.…

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Syk – Wena

Syk will leave you amazed with his unique vocals. After collaborating with Quali on Tour, he released a song "Wena" which is one of our favorites. We are expecting a…

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Choose a Favorite

Fans have been flooding Quali's DM with comments, good wishes and favorite song lists for a while now. Many also create graphic designs specific to the Quali Brand. This shows…

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