2019 MTV SA Hottest MCs list

2019 MTV SA Hottest MCs list

MTVBaseSouth have released a list of the No.10- No.6 hottest MCs and has shaken the Twitter streets and no one is satisfied with the list, including some of the artists on the list.

Kwesta says he does not deserve to be on the list at all for this year. He says he’ll see ‘us’ in 2020 because “You have to be No.1 to comprehend the No.1 spot”. Of which he thinks he is not for this year.

Nadia Nakai is listed as No.10 but she says she would be fine with any other spot on the list because it would mean there’s progress and forward movement. She was so touched by the list that she even logged of Twitter.

Most fans are disappointed because A-Reece is not on the list, it is definitely debatable with a different criteria, just not the MTV Base criteria. He is a great artist and he did a lot this year but he does not fit in on the list.

A good question would be whether the problem is with the artists or the panel that is putting the list together, because to put a proper list we need a panel that understands the criteria and where Hip-Hop is standing since the beginning of the year and currently. Below is the list thus far.

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