A Made in Africa Smartphone

A Made in Africa Smartphone

We all that most companies assemble smartphones in South Africa, but import the components, Well Randa is doing the opposite. they are in the manufacturing of Smartphones.

Rwanda’s Mara Group has launched 2 model smartphones and describing them as the first “Made in Africa” models. This is what Africa need if you asked me. Pride.So now we can share entertainment via smartphones manufactured in Africa. What a game changer.

The Mara X and Mara Z will use Google’s Android operating system and cost 175,750 Rwandan francs or 2 884,67 South African Rand. Could this mean we are moving towards an era where we will have an African iTunes or an African Tidal.

This manufacture will; be in competition with giants such as Samsung an the likes who have smartphones at a similar price range. Next time you’re thinking of buying a smartphone, think Africa and help grow the continents Independence.

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