Africa To The World #ShaneEagle – Dark Moon FLWR.

Africa To The World #ShaneEagle – Dark Moon FLWR.

New York big city of dreams, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. It’s always a pleasure to see South African musicians making it globally.

One of the leaders, of the new wave in South African Hip Hop #ShaneEagle has made it on “The Crossroads Of The World” commonly known as New York Times Square, the biggest centre in the worlds entertainment industry.

His latest music offering ‘DARK MOON FLWR’ has had a world premiere, it is advertised on world stage billboards.

South African Hip Hop is heading in the right direction, with that being said #ShaneEagle is the first South African Hip Hop artist to have his album advertised in New York Times Square.

Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
Image Source: / @Shane_Eagle.

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