Afro Punk Without Burna

Afro Punk Without Burna

The AfroPunk festival is an annual arts festival that includes live music, film, fashion and art produced by black artists. It will be taking place in Joburg on the 30th and the 31 of December.

Burna Boy has been excluded from this event for of reasons around his remarks during the xenophobia saga in September which led to very furious South African citizens.

It seems he has developed a foul cloud in South Africa around him ever since. This is something that could’ve been avoided by a simple apology post discovery that the information he had was Incorrect, which obviously he didn’t.

AfroPunk tweeted that they had a joint discussion with Burna Boy’s team and decided that this is not a good time for him to be in South Africa. Hopefully as time goes on he will mend fences with those he wronged so that his fans in South Africa can still experience his set live again.

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