All Access Tickets Sold Out

All Access Tickets Sold Out

The Freedom Day Rage All Access ticket admission has been sold out in just two weeks and most of us still can not believe it. The level of support the people are showing us is amazing. All Access has been sold out at the Freedom Day Rage event.

The access admission includes guest benefits not yet disclosed. We can assume drinks, merchandise and on on one talk with Quali,coded Media Entertainment Studios and others backstage.

Freedom Day Rage | All Access Ticket Admission Sold Out


Freedom Day Rage will expose art and talent, It is designed to leave you thrilled, inspired and entertained. Lets meet on the 27th of April at S-Block and Turn up like Free Black Entertainers! We would like to thank Quali and and Sponsors for the commitment and dedication. We thank all those who are part of this event including the artists who have agreed to support this movement.

Quali - FreedomDayRage - cmestudios
  • Event Name: Freedom Day Rage
  • Date: 27 April 2019
  • Venue: University of Limpopo (S Block)
  • Access: R50 / R100
  • Tickets: Click Here
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