Are Record Labels Worth It?

The biggest pimps and exploiters, of authentic raw talent are Record Labels. A recording contract has been deemed as “new age slavery”. Many young artists have sold their souls for fame, what’s the use of being famous when you do not have money in your pockets? Fame is a drug, let that sink in.

Many recording artists, aren’t as rich as they claim to be, these guys are broke AF, I’m not here to judge anybody, I’m just stating facts.

Why do artists agree to be given a piece of the pie, when they can have the whole pie?. Record executives have a talent of spotting talent which they can exploit, the major mistake is made by artists, they sign contracts without seeking legal assistance first.

Record labels loan you a lump sum to kickstart or elevate your musical career, this is straight up pimping. The cars and houses have a price tag, it’s a pity that there are artists out there who are signed to more than one record label.

I once heard an artist in an interview say that, “I need a machine behind my career”.However it’s about whose machine markets best and there are plenty independent artists who are doing way better, than artists who are signed to a major record label. It shows that it’s really about BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!! Artists signed to a major record label tend to be very relaxed they end up not putting in enough work as compared to an indie artist.

A distribution deal is way better than a recording deal, you don’t get to sell your soul, you have ownership of your music and in going this route, an artist gets to have control over their craft and they get to handle the promo this is the part where the hustle in an artist gets tested.

Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
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