Artists Can NOW Sell Their Merch On YouTube.

Artists Can NOW Sell Their Merch On YouTube.

It does not get better than this, the entertainment industry is constantly evolving.
The biggest video search engine YOUTUBE has now joined forces with Spotify and Merchbar. This joint venture between these companies will allow artists to sell their merchandise underneath their videos while Spotify tracks the sales.

However, only artists with Official Artist Channels will benefit from this. It’ll now be much easier for fans to purchase tour tickets, concert listings and merch on one single platform.

Users will be redirected to the relevant websites, depending on the purchase they want to make. The link will be situated below the video description on YOUTUBE.

This feature will only be launched in the United States Of America for now, hopefully in the near future we will see South African artists benefiting from this.

Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
Image Source : & Merch Bar.

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