Babes Wodumo Has Been Oust.

Babes Wodumo Has Been Oust.

TDK MaCassette is on the verge, of being crowned as the QUEEN of Gqom. Every genre has a king but it becomes, more interesting when the queenship position is also occupied. Women are important in all aspects of life.

There’s been beef talk, in the Gqom circles between Babes Wodumo and TDK, it is rumoured to have been sparked, by a hook which TDK supposedly stole from Babes Wodumo.

Over the past few months, Babes Wodumo has been surrounded by major controversy, this has taken her career to the dogs. She’s one of a few artists in the world who have single handedly ruined there career.

One of South Africas leading social media influencers @Karabo_Mokgoko, has asked whether the fans have deserted the “Gqom Queen”? and the sad truth is that yes they have, visit Karabo on Twitter and checkout the comments.

However TDK MaCassette is heading in the right direction, her music is on point. Everything that she touches turns into gold, I’d say that she truly is the QUEEN of Gqom, she has earned her position by sticking to the script, she hasn’t dropped the ball and let’s hope that it remains that way.

Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
Image Source: & @Karabo_Mokgoko

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