Beef Will Always Be Relevant

Beef Will Always Be Relevant

The relevance of Hip Hop beef is questionable because of how easy it can become personal.

Beef and battle rap have always been anchors for Hip Hop since the 80s where rappers would go head to head to prove who’s superior than the other. It can be seen as a good way to accumulate more fans and earn respect in the Hip Hop streets. It also helps the rappers up their pen game which is helpful in cases where as a rapper you are forced to work under pressure whether on a song or in a battle.

A perfect example is the AKA and Cassper beef which I think contributed much to them staying relevant. You obviously wouldn’t want to drop the ball in the middle of a heated beef, hence the hunger to stay ahead keeps you focused.

On another note the lyrical rapper Reason and AKA advise female rappers to take everyone out including males because the number 1 spot is not only reserved for males in Hip Hop. Someone who has already taken that direction is Boity and she made it clear on the UTATAKHO Remix when she said “Ke le batla one by one” which includes every rapper.

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