DaBaby FaceTime Performance

DaBaby FaceTime Performance

Often when an artist is having challenges making it to the a gig it all ends with just an apology of not making it there. Just not the legendary DaBaby.

On Thursday 5th he was set to hit the stage in his home town in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Winter Block Party at the Bojangles’ Coliseum. Unfortunately due to his jet having maintainance problems he could not get on the stage, but he still gave the crowd a fire performance.

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Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to make it my show in my OWN. city last night🤦🏾‍♂️ Paid extra for a jet just to make sure this type of shit wouldn’t happen. Although Baby a firm believer in everything happening for a reason I can’t get over the fact that I let my fans(FAMILY) down by not being able to make it. Thanks to my fast moving team and a few solid supporters at @power98fm we figured out a way to broadcast me live on the jumbo screen at the concert on a FaceTime call. #BDBENT Super Star @stunna4vegas held it down and explained to the audience what was goin on. Soon as they heard my voice and saw my face on the screen over a FaceTime call the whole arena turnt up! I just witnessed myself rock a coliseum through a FaceTime call🔥 No matter how it come off anybody that know me personally can tell you I’m one of the most humble people you could meet, especially being in the position I’m in and why I went through to get here. But last night I was humbled even more. God gave me the opportunity to show my city I’m NOT perfect. While at the same time showing me that I don’t gotta be perfect at all for my city to love and support me🖤 For the lessons taught through these unfortunate circumstances I’m forever grateful 🙏🏾 This type of shit don’t happen where we from, they usually would’ve tore that bitch down. But instead y’all helped me write another page in the history book last night. Preciate y’all for understanding🙏🏾 From, Baby. #KeepYaTickets #FREEconcertOTW 👀 #CHARLOTTE 🖤 Moments captured by: @ricodidit & @igot20onmybeat .

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His team and a few “solid” supporters came up with a quick plan for this performance to happen.
They broadcasted a FaceTime call or him performing in his jet on the Jumbo screen at the concert arena. “Soon as they heard my voice and saw my face on the screen over a FaceTime call the whole arena turnt up!” – DaBaby.

Although they weren’t able to see him live on stage the fans must have left with no regrets as they were part of a moment that will be recorded in history for the most unimaginable but epic performance. This performance goes to show how much DaBaby respects and loves his fans. Shout out to DaBaby.

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