Deeroy joins STL

Deeroy joins STL

Deeroy has finally released his first single from his upcoming project. Deeroy – OTW [Outta The Way] is now available to download and stream. Download powered by cmeShare.

The Polokwane bases musician was featured in our recent issue announcing the release of this single. This makes Deeroy’s cmeShare Music verified and on the STL platform to battle it out for the number one spot. With this kind if banger Deeroy will be number one soon.

Currently the STL board is led by a release by Filah, it will not remain so forever. OTW is receiving great reception so far and will rise all the way to challenge 2nd place Cxzin Gray.

Don hesitate, download and share Deeroy – OTW [Outta The Way] link powered by cmeShare now.

Download powered by cmeShare

Stream Deeroy – OTW[Outta The Way] on Soundcloud

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