Digital Media & Internet Coverage In Africa.

Digital Media & Internet Coverage In Africa.

The media industry in Africa is constantly blossoming, technology and internet connection has made it easier for the African continent to connect with the rest of the world, media houses and artists have benefited the most, because it is now much more easier for them to engage and share their work with their target audience, thus shaping and improving the talent and capabilities within the continent.

Broadband Internet connection has stabilised the advertising field, ads pop-up on websites , artists can now promote and share links to their latest projects. Media personalities now have a direct link to their customers and it’s much more easier for these customers to engage and have access to services which are being rendered e.g (podcasts/youtube channels/songs/music video/online radio etc).

Currently the media ecosystem, in Africa has by far a vast coverage compared to 10 years ago, it’s much more easier today to directly communicate, with someone who is halfway across the world.
The harsh reality that we are facing, is the fact that there are no African owned, media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram, there are millions of African currencies which leave the African continent through these platforms on a daily basis.

Political and socio-economic uncertainty, plays a vital role in the media spectrum. For instance, if the Department Of Communications of a particular African country was to shut down it’s Internet, that particular country would literally be at a stand still, a perfect example would be Zimbabwe (however that’s a story for another day).

Digital media drives the entertainment industry, today we have direct access, to information and we converse directly with our favourite celebrities. Newspapers have slightly shifted, from their traditional physical format, to a more modernised digital format.

A new age is upon us, platforms such as Audiomack, Sound Cloud, Coded Media Studios and Slikour On Life have changed how young musicians, share their music with the world, they no longer have to submit their demos to EMI Records, Gallo Records, Sony and Universal Records, they can simply upload their music online and connect with their audience.

It’s evident that media (mainly digital) has drastically impacted the way we perceive the world. It’s much more easier to communicate with the outside world than it was 15 years ago.

Let’s take advantage and utilise, this widespread media/internet coverage for our own benefit and enhance our abilities with regards to using the world wide web, the fourth industrial revolution is knocking and it’s our duty to prepare ourselves so that it finds us ready. One Love!.

Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
Image Source: South African Broadcasting Corporation.

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