Emotions have no gender

Stereotypes are powerful, and men and women from various cultures have been shown to accept the westen stereotype that women are more emotional than men. Men are raised in a manner that emotions shouldn’t be shown.

Sometimes we forget that men are human beings. They feel emotions and sometimes it comes difficult not to show off the emotion. What makes them cry is emotional and physical pain. The same way it applies to women. But because the stereotype has brainwashed them, this has produced broken men.

Whenever a man sheds a tear, he expects himself to fight with it all alone without sobbing in front of people. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It means you have reached your limit of tolerance which is understandable.

Society teaches men that they are a stronger gender and that crying is reserved for ladies. It’s high time the society starts learning that emotions have no gender and it is okay for men to cry too. We should never judge a man’s masculinity on the basis of his tears. Men should stop suffocating due to pain. They need to learn that it is okay to cry.

This stereotype needs to be changed because we cannot be raising broken generations. Showing off emotions frees a person mentally and emotionally. And it also makes a person stronger. There is no such thing as men are weak because they are crying. Let’s normalize the fact that men do cry.

Article written by: Thabang ‘Tlooke’ Monyela

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