Fans React to Quali SA

Fans React to Quali SA

Has Quali finally reached a level of trust from his fans and the rest of the 015? Fans have always reacted to artists music and videos via social media. Quali gets awesome reaction every day in his inbox and comment sections.

It may seem unusual but we are astonished and thrilled by some of the reactions. They go from fans asking if Quali’s personal Facebook account is real or is he faking to be the real Quali to others suggesting that his music should be sold in pharmacy stores because it “heals”.

After seeing him in studio with the internationally know superstar Davido, we are all catching up to his vision. We now have more faith that Quali is going to set the record straight for the 015 once and for all.

More reactions by his fans. We managed to select only a few from a list. Always feel free to send us a comment or suggestion because we love to hear from you guys. Here are some other reactions as we are anticipate the release tomorrow.

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