Filah Instagram Confession

Filah Instagram Confession

If you have been a fan of Filah, you would have noticed how she has been hiding her image specifically, when it come to her music. Things are starting to take a turn as she posted a video on Instagram relating to her music.

Filah posting a video on social media talking about her songs is not something we are used to , but recently she has been open about her music journey since she met up with Coded Media Entertainment Studios.

On this one, Filah was specifically giving her followers a few reasons why they should listen to her new release “Feels Like” which was original recorded by Coded Media Entertainment Studios. She when out and made it even better. It is exciting to see her growth in music.

Here is the caption form the video she posted ” Reasons to visit the SoundCloud link.
Also shoutout to Coded Media Entertainment, my family since day one. You have been a huge contributing factor to my growth as a recording artist and you are my fucking family✨

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