Filah is Back

Filah is Back

There was a brief musical hiatus for Filah in 2018, but not any longer. She has been working on a single track for her up coming project set to be released this year.

Filah released dope songs such as “Yellow Brick Road” and “One thing” in 2017 and received great reception from fans on Soundcloud. She has worked with different producers during that time on songs such as “Flash Backs” and “Messin” and she is now producing most of her recent music.

“This is about me, so i produced the song” she said. We can be sure that the single track she is planning to release will be fire. This new track has been rated the best song yet released at our studio earlier this week.

Filah is back and she is dropping this month. Release date and single title will be announced soon.

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