Native Popsters

Native Popsters

Yanga Chief recently released a single title “200” from his upcoming album BAPS (Becoming A Pop Star) which is set to drop on the 18th of October. After listening to the song I realized that he makes Xhosa sound so cool. And what better way to rock your native language than on a good beat right?

Here in Limpopo we have our own who make South African native languages really pop and that’s something we should give credit for. Decious, Jayson, Mopedi, Mac J, they make it sound so cool and easy but believe me I don’t think it’s that easy.

Another reason why I think singing or rapping with a native language deserves credit is that their market is limited due to the fact that people from different tribes may not understand the language they use on their songs. Hence the boldness, confidence and pride deserves nothing less than respect.

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