Papzito & Decker Join STL

Papzito & Decker Join STL

SATMA and SEMA award winning pedi rapper Papzito who has been working on tracks with iFani has collaborated with Polokwane’s very own Decker on a master piece project. Download Papzito ft. DeckerModimo O Phala Baloi powered by cmeShare.

Papzito ft. DeckerModimo O Phala Baloi is a release track by Papzito. It is a song filled with joy and modern trap sound and the two acknowledges success break through after being pulled down by negative circumstances and people.

Decker has been know for his very great chorus and hook melodies, he had done it again on this master piece. Papzito comes with a verse which you can easily relate to and sing along to, Together they make a great collabo, no doubt.

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Listen to Papzito ft. DeckerModimo O Phala Baloi on Soundcloud.

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