Priddy Ugly Albums Flushed

Priddy Ugly Albums Flushed

Rapper Priddy Ugly who recently released his G.O.A.T album recently made a public statement on social media stating that his albums “EGYPT, EGYPT DELUX and (Rick Jade) DNA have been pulled off the Apple and ITunes platforms.

He mentioned that he might have an idea who is responsible for the removal of the albums without his new labels (GAS) approval/knowledge. By the look of things he was talking about the head of his former label Ambitious Entertainment.

Both Apple and the aggregator made it clear that they are not involved in the removal of the projects. The head of ambitious also seems to know nothing about it hence also tried to find out what is happening.

Priddy Ugly later on released another Public Service Announcement to extend reparation for his claims which were based on his personal experience and scrutiny with the label & Ambitious head and went on to delete some sub tweets of the claims regarding who the perpetrator could be.

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