Quali Hits USA Gaming Video

Quali Hits USA Gaming Video

A few days ago Quali SA woke up to an outstanding XOXOπŸ’½ reaction from an American YouTuber @NemRaps. The video went to reached over 2OOk views in just a few days so did make Quali s music get more listeners abroad in counties such as The United States of America. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Today we revived a request from a gaming video channel to feature Quali SA on their platforms. The south African artist is gradually getting the recognition he deserves.πŸ”₯

“We put in so much effort to make good content, so i expected this” he said to coded media entertainments congratulations email this morning. Quali hitting a USA gaming video is food and energy for more great music. Watch Gaming Video Below: πŸ‘‡

Watch Video Below

Watch Gaming Video Below

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