Quali SA – Freedom Day Rage (Official Documentary)

Quali SA – Freedom Day Rage (Official Documentary)

Freedom Day Rage started as an idea and we decided to spend sleepless nights making sure it comes into reality. We made freedom day a huge success and a night to be remembered.

We have never seen a crowed and an atmosphere of that nature at the venue before. Everyone was on a rage and the vibe was out of control. At our surprise all the performances were just amazing, 015 really has major vibes.

Quali’s one man show proved to us that we can do more with the support we getting from the 015 (Polokwane). We are thankful to the team and anyone not mentioned. The next Rage event will be announced during the year so stay tuned.

  • Event Name: Freedom Day Rage
  • Date: 27 April 2019
  • Venue: University of Limpopo, Performing Arts Center
Freedom Day Rage (Official Documentary)
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