Sjava A Cheater & A Liar

Sjava A Cheater & A Liar

Sjava’s supposed ex Lady Zamar has brought to the attention of the public that Sjava is a liar and a cheater. This is resulting from articles and tweets which suggested their relationship ended because of his circumcision and other weird stuff as she says.

She explains that the real reason is that he is actually a married man and when she asked him he would swear up and down that he is not married meanwhile he has umfazi waiting at home. She further says that she was invited to perform at his show which took place on Sunday where his wife was actually coming and she felt disrespected. She was trending on twitter, but shouldn’t Sjava be the one trending since he’s the one who did her wrong?

On song “Egoli” where he was featured by Mlindo the Vocalist he says “Namhlanje mama angeke ng’lale ekhaya, Namhlanje mama angeke ng’buye ekhaya, Ngiyosebenz’ egoli ngzokwakhela umuzi wakho”, could it be that he was actually talking to his wife back home?

On the bright side she says that she is over Sjava and she just wanted to put the whole conversation behind her since people are asking questions, mentioning her on their tweets. She also asked that everyone stop writing about her and just focus on what’s actually important, Her  Music.

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