South African Celebrities Who Deserve A Biopic.

A biographical motion picture, showcases the life and times of a particular person, it dramatizes how the particular person lived and highlights the historical moments which occured.

The most rare biopic is a auto boipic whereby the character plays him or herself, the character gets to fully portray themself, I guess nobody knows you better than you know yourself.

Most biopics, have been added a little spice, in order to make the film and bit more interesting. Thing is once you add events, which never occurred then the moral of the story gets tainted.
If directors cannot fully depict, what actually happened then they should, simply ask an immediate family member or a close friend of the character, to tell them more about the person.
Industry friends of the character, need to stop acting as if they know the character more than everybody else.

Below I’ve listed, a few names of South African celebrities, who I think deserve a biopic in the near future. They’ve impacted lives and they have changed the landscape of the field which they occupy. One Love!.

  • Moonchild Sanelly
  • Cassper Novest
  • Caiphus Semenya & Letta Mbulu
  • Dj Tira
  • Percy Tau
  • AKA
  • Teko Modise
  • Gigi Lamayne
  • Emtee
  • Jacob Zuma
  • Leon Schuster
  • Patrice Motsepe
  • Nasty C
  • Julius Malema
  • Oskido & The Entire Kalawa Jazmee
  • Riky Rick
  • Dineo Ranaka
  • Vutiswa Ndara
  • Stogie T
  • Robert Marawa
  • Kanya Cekeshe
  • Trevor Noah
  • Youngsta CPT
  • Shekhinah
  • Somizi Mhlongo
  • Slikour
  • Kwesta
  • Benni McCarthy

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Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
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