The Yanos Vs Hip Hop

The Yanos Vs Hip Hop

Are The “Yanos” Replacing a Whole Genre?

Word on the street is that Hip Hop has no place in the clubs no more. Recently Cassper Nyovest posted on twitter that Hip Hop no longer has a good market and there’s too much drama. Could this be what he meant?

In this age it is even harder to sell music because of digital hacks where songs and albums get leaked and pirated. It leaves performing live being the major contributor to an artist’s income, hence If Hip Hop loses its place in the clubs and events the genre as a whole could be doomed.

Does this mean Hip Hop artists must revert to “The Yanos” like Cassper did? Does this have anything to do with authenticity? In my opinion I think “Hip Hop” needs to be Hip Hop and not a genre of repetition and sound replication. Does PLK Hip Hop need saving? If yes who can save us?

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Article by Pfanelo Mahada

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