Two Things You Should Know Before i Release

Two Things You Should Know Before i Release

This is what Filah wants you to know before she drops Millennial Dilemmas today. This is an exact post taken from her profile, in her own words unedited. Her single track Millennial Dilemmas drops today, find out about time and source below this article.

Okay so two things:
1) is that I am so grateful for everything. I’m grateful for every breath in my body, for every single vessel of love in the form of family and friends that I have. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn things about myself and the world around me. Shit, I’m even thankful for the shit that doesn’t make sense because eventually it does and because soon after there is always some sort of breakthrough. Some sort of lesson. 

2) I make music. Which is such a difficult thing for me to admit on social media…or just any social situation for that matter. FEAR. Fear is so crippling and comfortable. That comfort is what I have relied on really all my life. It ain’t it. If there’s anything in your life that fear is preventing you from pursuing you need to divorce yourself from that. And that is what I’m doing now. In the next coming weeks you will be hearing new music from me, FILAH. Yes, lol I sing and I am giving you NEW MUSIC produced, written and performed by me!! I’m excited, I’m nervous, I need to pee but I feel really whole right now and I know that’s a step in the right direction. .
Let’s get it, Daughters and Sons. It’s time for vibes you’re not used to. Spread love💫

Millennial Dilemmas

Official Art Cover

Release Date and Song Title

  • Song Title: Millennial Dilemmas
  • Artist : Filah
  • Genre: R&B/POP/SOUL
  • Producer: Filah
  • Release Date: 18 – March – 2019
  • Release Time: 15:00 pm

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