Winter Rage official

Winter Rage official

Winter Rage Official – A Rage in Poster with a new look and even better venue to conduct a proper, safe and an entertainment Quali SA Winter Rage. Imagine a collateral musical rage in the middle of the biggest city in the 015.

We are going the make sure that history is made with no comprises. Quali SA has been known to make things happen for his fans and others so this time we are going bigger than the first rage.

The venue has been selected based on several points. One of the biggest point is to theme the heart of the city. There is no safer place to rage than Library Gardens where everyone will either feel our impact or be part of it.

Winter Rage Official – 10.08.19

A Middle of The City Collateral Show. Venue Library Gardens

Are you curious about the stage design, well it is nothing you have seen before, the main focus of the stage design will be the lighting which will bring out the best  pictures to your eyes and also lenses. We have focused on making the stage compact and very colorful.


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