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Grammy Performance by Quali for Old Mutual #OMGWAP
After posting a super creative video on Instagram for the #OMGWAP competition and making his way to the top 6 finalists, Quali proves that he is what Old Mutual & Student Investor had been looking for.
On the 6th of October, the University of Limpopo witnessed what we call a Grammy performance by @Quali_SA supported by L-Tic & Lemami for the #OMGWAP finals. 
The performance featured @Quali_SA as a slave to financial Debts (played by L-Tic) and Loans (played by Lemami). We see @Quali being dragged down and beaten by a whip as a slave by Debts & Loans portraying how our generation might face financial struggle. We later see @Quali picking up a book to study, showing educational empowerment.

We see Debts and Loans running away with fear after @Quali shows them his new discovered education and power portraying how education can free on from debts and loans
@Quali then ends the performance with a song which signifies freedom, he sings and we see him dancing showing the joy of financial freedom. We would love to thank the support from L-tic & Lemami who are currently working on their TNT (Trials and Tribulation) project.
We thank all of you out there for giving @Quali_SA he support, don’t forget that we are preparing Tour Deluxe which is set to be released on the 03rd November 2018.  
Check out The University of Limpopo Grammy performance by @Quali_SA supported by L-Tic & Lemami for the #OMGWAP finals Video below or see it on youtube. 
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