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Monday Morning
You know I've always loved Monday morning 
reminds me of how mama use to put her hand on my mouth When I Was yawning  
and 7 years ago we were spending New Year's on a Monday morning 
and the kids were all still crawling  
and the bridge wasn't falling  
Christmas we did it on a Monday morning 
and everyone was lazy from the weekend 
And it was kind of boring until my sister's started cooking together like it was a Sunday morning and as the sun was dawning I was singing for my Monday morning 
And now that the wheels are turning they say I'm a big boy a big boy but I think that I am still learning how to use my music so I can bring joy so I'll start on Monday morning cuz my fuse is still burning I hope I don't lose my Monday morning. 
You know I think it's kind of funny how you're always saying one day  
If my year ends on a Sunday I'll have a new one on a Monday I'll never sleep on a Friday cuz I may be singing to my one day and I'll be sitting here like Gandhi and I will be singing happy Monday 
Know what you've got inside you  
know who you've got beside you 
don't let them mystify you  
only you would slit your wrist to find you  
I know the years have tried you  
even the angels cry too but we'll be all right boo 
cause we're better off Dancing In The Rain on a Monday morning. 

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