What is cmestudios?

Coded Media Entertainment Studios also known as “cmestudios” is a Full-Services Management, Music Publishing & Entertainment Company headquartered in South Africa.

Can i get signed at cmestudios?

Yes you may. We sign artists for music publishing and other artist management services such as events and gigs.

Is cmestudios a Record Label?

We are Not a Record Label, We are Family.

What is cmeSHARE?

cmeSHARE Music is a mp3 Hosting Platform for all Music types.

Where is it?

To Share Your music go to www.cmestudios.co.za/share

How does it Work?

Can i Share my Songs?

Yes. You can share all your music

Is it Free?

Yes. 100% Free to Use.

Supported file format?


Art Cover file format?


I do not see my song on Share Top list?

. You are not Verified. Only Verified users can see songs on Top Downloads. Verify your account by Like/Follow & Subscribe here

Will i Be Promoted?

Yes. Verified accounts will get free Marketing & Promotion benefits.

Is there Price for my song to be on Share Top List?

No. It is 100% Free to use. Like/Follow & Subscribe here

How Much is to Promote my Song/Ep/Album Release?

To promote your music on our website See our Services Page : Here

What happens if my account is not verified?

Your songs will not show on Share Top List (STL) and We will not promote you

Can i still use cmeShare if my account is not Verified

Yes. 100% Free to Use.

User Name

User name must not have Spaces. It is not Your Artist Name. Simply a login username

Can i recover my password?

Yes. Verified accounts can recover their passwords

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