South African Entertainment Industry Bearers.

It’s really hard to identify the sole bearers of the entertainment industry, what can be said is that there are multiple bearers respectively.

I mean between a record label executive, a promoter, radio jock, presenters, producers, directors, writers, bloggers, the fans and recording artists, whose really leading the industry?
Fore we win together, and in doing so we drive the culture forward, so it’s of outmost importance, for everyone to understand their role as an individual and I’d say that it’s more of a collective effort, as we all know team work makes the dream work.

Someone would state that, the mushrooming sub-genres or the new kids on the block, are carrying the torch, however everyone holds their personal perspective, on who is and who isn’t.
Truth of the matter is that, the OG’s have insured that the principles, of the game are followed, due to the fact that once the ethics of the game are neglected, then the entire game crumbles.

There’s a group of gatekeepers, within the South African Entertainment Industry and they pick and choose, whose worth it and who isn’t, it is believed that every industry including politics has gatekeepers. This group of capitalists, are messing with the creativeness that can add major value to the entertainment industry. .

On the flip side the entertainment industry, is the most vibrant industry within any country, the government refers to it as “Arts & Culture” it’s the government’s duty to inject funds, support and protect the talent of the involved parties. This industry, accumulates millions monthly and exploitation of individuals is the order of the day, such negligence should be rectified.

It’s safe to say that many artists, do not receive their royalties and are not properly compensated. Contractual obligations infantly highlight clauses which hinders artists to fully receive what’s rightfully due to them (morally ).

With all that’s being said, let’s work together and strengthen one another and do away with taking advantage, of our own people. One Love.

Article by: Sipho “HypeBoard” Mhlongo.
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