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Our Mission

At Continent Monitor: Daily News Africa, our mission is rooted in the principle of providing comprehensive and reliable news coverage across the vast and diverse African continent. We strive to deliver up-to-the-minute reporting on a wide range of topics including politics, economy, environmental issues, and much more. Our dedicated team of journalists and correspondents are spread across Africa, ensuring that we capture the essence of the continent's dynamic changes and vital statistics that influence both global and local landscapes. It is our commitment to inform and educate our audience, enabling a well-rounded understanding of Africa's current affairs and developments, through meticulous fact-checking and in-depth investigative journalism.

Background Story

The inception of Continent Monitor: Daily News Africa dates back to a significant time when the need for a singular, unifying voice for Africa's diverse news narrative grew evident. Founded by Soraya Follmer, a visionary with profound respect and understanding of African dynamics, the platform was set up to bridge the informational gap, providing insights into the lesser-reported areas of the continent. Over the years, our platform has evolved, adapting to the technological shifts and increasing our outreach not just in Africa, but globally, enabling a broader audience to gain access to African news. Our commitment to journalistic integrity and impartiality stands firm as we grow.

Editorial Team

Our editorial team is comprised of a select group of journalists and editors from various parts of Africa, each bringing in their unique perspectives and expert knowledge in their respective fields. Their diverse backgrounds help ensure that our news coverage is not only comprehensive but also inclusive, reflecting the true panorama of African society. This team is adept in navigating complex socio-political landscapes to deliver news that is accurate and impactful. Regular training sessions and workshops are held to keep our team at the forefront of journalistic standards, equipped with the latest tools and ethical reporting practices.

Our Values

Integrity, accuracy, and inclusivity stand as the core values of our news organization. We believe in the power of truth and strive to present every story with utmost honesty without any bias. Our content is crafted to respect and uphold the dignity and diversity of all African communities. We stand committed to environmental conservation and highlight stories that underline the importance of sustainable development across the continent. Through our reporting, we aim to uphold these values, ensuring that each piece of news helps in fostering a better understanding of Africa within global dialogues.

Soraya Follmer

Soraya Follmer

I am Soraya Follmer, a seasoned journalist based in Cape Town. My work primarily focuses on covering significant events and trends across the continent. I enjoy delving into complex issues to present clear, insightful, and engaging reports. I always strive for the highest level of integrity and precision in my articles.

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