Vodcast Fridays

Vodcast Fridays

Coded Media Entertainment Studios presents to you a show dedicated to the upcoming entertainment generation A show which aims to put upcoming artists on the same rank with established superstars.

Many of us have always had an idea of a show where entertainment can be discussed and come to solutions for a better industry in our country. Only a few have put in the energy required to make such a show possible.

Vodcast Fridays is a video show designed to increase art awareness among the online community. We aim to discuss and expose new art and ranking it with the mainstream trends. Our Motto is simple “Get Them Heard”!

We have loads of news and laughter to share on every episode. Many games will be played, among them is game challenge we call “Who can Get it” where the guest or caller shares their personal crush with us. The crush has to be a famous celebrity in the South African Media.

Start preparing your music and branded products because Vodcast Fridays is aiming to play more upcoming artists than most radio station in South Africa. To get your music played on our episode is going to be a very easy process. Also having your brand as a guest on our show will be very easy. Stay tuned.

Our Motto is simple “Get Them Heard”!

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